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Jenson - Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Yearbook 2017

Manchester Championship Show - 19/01/2017, Judge: Mr Tom Mather, Best of Breed.
"Ideal type & balance & he uses his nicely arched neck well to create a lovely outline. Strong jaw, dark hazel eye with good pigmentation. Adequate depth & breadth of chest & good ribbing. Excellent topline & tailset. Free moving with good muscle tone & some reach & drive. Good colour & texture of jacket."

SKC Championship Show - 17/06/2017, Judge Dr Phillippa Pearson, Best Dog (36th Championship Certificate).
"One I have judged before and he didn't disappoint me today. Well balanced dog with good head, excellent reach of neck, level topline & good tailset. Correct coat texture and colour. Moved with drive and purpose. Well presented and handled. Delighted to award him the CC today."