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Dog World Annual 2016

Boston Championship Show, 10/01/2016, Judge: Mr Richard Allen, Best of Breed. "Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, top class dog. Excellent head. Big strong teeth & correct bite. Moved really well both ways & in profile. Excellent topline & tail well set & carried. Great condition. BD, BOB & G1."

Boston Championship show, 10/01/2016, Terrier Group Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott. Terrier Group 1.
"I found my group winner today in the compact, balanced & short coupled SCWT, Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, shown in a coat of the right colour & with soft waves, he is powerful with the length of skull & muzzle, strong jaw & big teeth, he has a good earset & flows through the strong neck into well laid shoulders, he has the front, compact body & strong muscled rear quarters, he moves on good feet & carries the tail, he has the reach in front & drive behind to take this strong group."

YouTube: http://youtu.be/6M7Q4W8atXE


Manchester Championship Show 14/01/2016, Judge: Mr J Ashe, Best of Breed.     
"Fallon Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, stood alone but a very worthy winner, flat skull, well defined stop, good head proportions, good dentition, nice dark eye, well laid back shoulder, giving good forequarters, level topline short coupled, good angulation & balance. Strode out well around the large ring, BOB & very pleased to see him take G2 in a very strong terrier line-up."

Manchester Championship Show, 14/01/16, Terrier Group Judge: Mr Max King. Terrier Group 2.
"Strong powerful head with correct bite, nice length of neck flowing elegantly into well made forequarters, compact body with well sprung ribs, abundant coat of loosely flowing waves, correct size, moved out with purpose."

YouTube: http://youtu.be/8YoYCXZdnBY 

Birmingham National Championship Show, 08/05/2016, Judge: Mr Alan Small, Best of Breed. 29th Challenge Certificate.
"A dog of top quality, of good type & balance, lovely head & expression, balanced neck to well laid shoulders with good body, presented a lovely profile with good set on, in lovely coat & condition, owned the ring & went well carrying a level topline. Pleased to award him CC & BOB."

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, 22/05/2016, Judge: Mrs Jane Withers, Best of Breed. 30th Challenge Certificate. Critique to follow.
Best Opposite Sex Janeyjimjams Jemima winning her 3rd CC gaining the title of Champion.

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show, 22/05/16, Terrier Group Judge: Mr Colin Powell. Terrier Group 1.
"One I have watched with interest from his very first show, and glad I finally had a chance to judge him in the group and was not disappointed.
A true ambassador of the breed and at ease in the big ring, a dog that has just got better with age, nothing over exaggerated about him, well balanced and full of breed type, always in first class condition and expertly handled, pleased to award him Group 1."

YouTube: https://youtu.be/ICQO5xxzvts

Scottish Kennel Club Award Card for Best in Terrier Group

Three Counties Championship Show 2016, 10/06/2016, Judge: Mr Shaun Watson, Best Dog. (31st Challenge Certificate). Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, 5 years old male at the top of his form, stood out for me, shown, handled & presented well, excellent for height & substance, excellent topline & correct set tail, strong head with good length, strength but still some elegance & workable, moved well enough, correct coat & type, correct in depth of chest & real terrier. Pleased to award CC, was then told after all judging how many CCs he had won, cannot remember but was a lot, after all judging I spoke to well known friend in the breed & said I know a SCWT won a group a while ago did I have it today, she told me it was this dog, I must admit I don’t know the dog or handler & to be honest don’t really care if a dog had won a group or was first time shown I just judge as I see on that day. This was my best male & I was happy”.

Windsor Championship Show, 3/07/16, Judge: Mrs Jill Peak, Best of Breed. "Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, 5 years old male presented in good coat & condition, very nice type, good head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, good bone, straight legs, good feet, strong body well muscled good quarters & set on. Moved well both ways & in profile holding his topline. BD & BOB"

East of England Championship Show, 09/07/16, Judge: Mr Ken Francis, Best of Breed. (32nd Challenge Certificate.) "I judged this boy as a youngster and he has matured into a worthy top winner. Fits the standard to a T. As always he is beautifully presented, has great ring presence, soft wheaten coat falling in waves. Masculine head, dark eye and pigment, correct bite, good reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulders, level topline, good angulation. Moved straight with reach and drive. No exaggerations with this dog, he is in tune with his handler. DCC, BOB pleased to watch him be awarded TG4."

East of England Championship Show, 09/07/16, Terrier Group Judge, Mrs Eileen Needham, Terrier Group 4. 'Very typy SCWT, nothing exaggerated about this dog, well constructed and balanced all through, move soundly and truly, shown in good nick, well handled to highlight his qualities.'

Paignton Championship Show, 06/08/2016, Judge/Breed Specialist: Mr Ben Hanney, Best of Breed, (33rd Challenge Certificate). 'Have judged and commented on him several times before, every ounce is ch. quality, he displays the aforementioned breed specific features perfectly; that long, low reach gliding across the ground - effortlessly, golden coat that glows and that typical wheaten expression.'

Arden Grange/DogWorld Halfway Leader advert

Midlands Counties Championship Show, 27/10/16, Judge: Mrs L Cartlege, Best of Breed (34th Challenge Certificate). Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breed record equalled. "Real eye-catcher, great outline and proportions, well set and carried tail,lovely head and expression, firm body and topline, strong quarters, very good coat and presentation, low set hocks, easy mover, happy showman, good ring presence."

SCWT Club of GB Championship Show 29/10/2016, Judge: Mrs Denise Bott. BOB and BIS.
(35th Challenge Certificate). Jenson becomes the biggest winning Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in breed history.

"One I have had the privilege of judging before and he does not disappoint, if anything he has improved with time. Now 6 years old, he has good head proportions and is the correct size although others would say he is one of the smallest in the class. He is presented in the best of conditions, not over stylized in any way and nothing over exaggerated. A coat of just enough length to show fall and wave, pleased to award him the CC and BIS giving him I believe the breed record."  

SCWT Club of GB Championship Show 29/10/2016, Judge: Mrs Denise Bott. BOB and BIS.
(35th Challenge Certificate). Jenson becomes the biggest winning Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in breed history. Seen here with Breeder: Jane Charleton.

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Dog World Annual 2017 advert