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Jenson - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Yearbook 2014

Boston Championship Show 12/01/2014, Judge: Dr Phillippa Pearson, Best of Breed.
"Well balanced dog with real ring presence and an outline that makes him standout from the crowd. Pleasing coat of correct texture and colour. Good head, excellent reach of neck, well sprung ribs, level topline and tail well set on. Moved well, covering the ring with ease. Pleased to award him Best Dog and BOB." Shortlisted under group Judge, Mr Sigurd Wilberg.

Crufts 2014, Judge: Mrs Jan Thackeray, 07/03/2014. Photo taken by Lisa Mullins www.braemuelinscwt-photography.moonfruit.com

SCWTCGB Open Show South, 30/03/2014, Judge: Mr Paul Eardley. Best In Show.
"Lovely dog who presents a super outline both standing and moving. I particularly like the way he carries himself on the move. Lovely reach of neck and a lovely tail. Good coat of the correct texture, well presented, well handled and generally ticked all the boxes. He possesses a really good skull. Was best male and finished up a very worthy BIS. I am not surprised to see he is made up." Photo taken by Rob Jones.

National Terrier Championship Show - 05/04/2014, Judge: Mrs Sue Munn. Best of Breed.
14th Challenge Certificate.

"Lovely head and expression, good bite and pigmentation, good stop, small ears, well set. Good neck and shoulders, deep chest, good topline and tailset. Lovely coat for texture and colour. Moved freely. CC BoB RBIS."

National Terrier Championship Show 05/04/2014 - BIS Judge: Mr John Bunting. Reserve Best In Show.
"Well constructed dog, lovely balance and profile, desired head shape with good pigmentation & bite, pleasing shoulder placement, nicely developed in chest, ribs & body, shapely quarters, moved with drive, in good order."
Photo taken by Rob Jones.

Contest of Champions 2014 - Thistle Hotel, Heathrow 05/04/2014 Jenson makes the final 16.

: http://youtu.be/Gpz1lZJ4ErQ

SCWTCGB AGM 13/04/2014. President Mrs Judy Creswick presenting Alison Fallon with Jenson's Top Winning Wheaten trophy for 2013.

WELKS 25/04/2014. Judge: Mrs Margaret House. Best of Breed.
15th Challenge Certificate.

"Cannot add to what has been said before. Good example, well balanced dog with no exaggerations. Moved freely with drive, alert and tail up, has all breed points, a worthy ambassador to send to the Group. CC and BOB."

Birmingham National Championship Show 09/05/2014, Judge: Mr Stan Munn, Best of Breed.
16th Challenge Certificate.

"Nice head, not coarse, mesocephalic . Neat ears, well set, scissor bite, Kept level topline on the move and standing. Well pigmented. Good depth of chest, giving good heart room. Strong bone and well muscled. Coat and colour good. Moved well in equilibrium CC & BOB."

SKC Championship Show, 16/05/2014, Judge: Mrs Brenda Banbury, Best of Breed.
17th Challenge Certificate.
"Compact and upstanding and in full soft, silky coat and excellent furnishings. Good neck, shoulders and upper arm, rib, brisket and loin, rear angulation give him balance overall. Muscular quarters and an excellent mover on the best of legs and feet."

Bath Championship Show, 23/05/2014, Judge: Mr Philip Greenway, Best of Breed,
18th Challenge Certificate.

"Super profile, excellent angulation, neck, topline, set on, good coat, moved well, nice size, pleased in head and expression CC & BOB."
Selected in the final 9 under Terrier Group Judge, Mr Jeff Horswell.

YouTube link
: http://youtu.be/lNvYBjps70Q

Blackpool Championship Show, 20/06/2014, Judge: Mr Maurice Marshall, Best of Breed,
19th Challenge Certificate.
"Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, good topline, superb dog, knows how to perform. Tail well set. Good movement. BOB".                                        
Selected in the final 7 under Terrier Group Judge, Mr Roger Crooks.

East of England Championship Show, 06/07/2014, Judge: Mrs Bev Hanna, Best of Breed,
20th Challenge Certificate.
"Masculine male who ticks all the boxes without being overdone in any way. Square and balanced outline and balanced angles. Nice coat texture with lovely wheaten colour and wave. OK for size. Mouth OK. Oozes breed type without exaggeration. Masculine skull and strong muzzle without coarseness. Strong body and hindquarters, well boned. Good mover in profile fore and aft. Great showman. CC & BOB." Selected in the final 8 under Terrier Group Judge, Mr Andrew Westwood.

Paignton Championship Show, 02/08/2014, Judge: Mrs Denise Bott, Best of Breed,
21st Challenge Certificate.

"One out of the top drawer, beautifully presented, not over done, lovely and square head of good proportions, good front and shoulders, holding his topline on the move with a coat of correct colour and texture, pleased to award him the CC and BOB."                            Selected in the final 9 under Terrier Group Judge, Mr Alan Small.

Halfway Leader Arden Grange Top Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 2014 Published in Dog World press 07/08/14

Bournemouth Championship Show, 10/08/2014, Judge: Mr Steve Howe, Best of Breed,
22nd Challenge Certificate.

"Super profile, excellent angulation,neck, topline, set on, good coat, moved well, nice size, pleased in head and expression, CC and BOB."

Bournemouth Championship Show 10/082014, Terrier Group Judge: Mr Bill Browne Cole,
Terrier Group 4.
"Classy dog with excellent coat...very worthy champion."

Richmond Championship Show 06/092014, Judge: Mr Tom Johnston, Best of Breed,
23rd Challenge Certificate.
"Masculine head of good proportions, medium sized dark eye, well set ears of good shape, good expression, moderate neck & square in body, good bone & very good feet, balanced & compact, presented in good silky coat, good loose curls, moved free & with purpose holding good outline & presented in good body condition, also well muscled." Selected in the final 8 under Terrier Group Judge, Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews. "The shortlist of 8 was particularly strong. I pulled out the sound, beautiful coated SCWT I have liked very much in the past."
                                                                                                             YouTube link:

London & Home Counties Terrier Club - Golden Jubilee Open Show 07/09/2014 - Judge: Mrs Denise Pascoe, Best of Breed.
"The overall impression of this four year old boy is a well balanced, square and masculine dog, with a delightful wavy coat of excellent colour and texture. Strong head with good dark eyes, good ear set and nice mouth. Excellent reach of neck into good lay of shoulder. Level topline and good tailset. Lovely rear angulation. He moved easily, showing reach and drive, and holding his outline well. Very pleased to award him BOB and delighted to see him to go on to win a well deserved BIS."

London & Home Counties Terrier Club - Golden Jubilee Show 07/09/2014, Best In Show Judge: Mr Alan Small,
Best In Show.
"Top quality SCWT dog in the best of coats and condition, grand head with well set ears and of lovely type and balance, presenting a lovely profile as he flowed around the ring, excellent drive from good quarters, he looked a picture."

Darlington Championship Show, 12/09/2014, Judge: Mr Jeff Horswell, Best of Breed,
24th Challenge Certificate,
"Super dog, who out moved the rest today, he is accurate out & back & goes with a long, low stride. He is ever so slightly dished in his muzzle, apart from that he has a grand head. Big, black nose. Correct neck. Best shoulder in class. Enough return of upper arm. Correct length back. Level top-line. Well set tail. Correct hind angulation & low hocks. Soft & silky coat with wave. CC & BOB."                       

To date,
Jenson sets a new breed record for the most number of Challenge Certificates won in a calendar year (11 Challenge Certificates). 

Driffield Championship Show 20/09/2014, Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott, Best of Breed,
25th Challenge Certificate.
Best Opposite Sex, JaneyJimJams Jemima.

"Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson, exciting, quality & impressive boy of good overall balance & shape. He has a typical head with the eye & earset, attracts in attitude, carries himself with confidence. Has the strength in topline & body, a good front & rearend, strong level back & well set tail. He has the front with a compact body, lovely coat & colour & moved with the free striding action required to take the class. CC & BOB"

Driffield Championship Show 20/09/2014, Terrier Group Judge: Mr Stuart Plane, Terrier Group 4.
"JaneyJimJams Jenson, another I have judged before gained top honours. Today I was pleased to see him among other terriers and he showed steadily and deserved his placing over the other shortlisted terriers."

SCWTCGB 2015 Yearbook advert

SCWTCGB 2015 Yearbook advert

SCWTCGB 2015 Yearbook advert

                         NATIONAL TERRIER GROUP YEAR END PLACINGS - 2014 
             Type                                                       Name                                                          Points

          Fox Terrier, Wire                          Ch Travella Striking Steel                                            186
          Irish Terrier                                  Ch Lakeridge Cahal                                                       49
          Skye Terrier                                 Ch Salena The Special One                                          48
          Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier   Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson                                            41
          Border Terrier                             Ch Brackenfell Bok To Bach                                           27
          Norfolk Terrier                             Ch Belleville Seduction                                                  26
          Kerry Blue Terrier                        Ch Hallsblu Fibber Magee                                             25
          Cairn Terrier                                Ch Birselaw The Thrill Of It All                                       24
          Norwich Terrier                            Ch Ragus Cool For Cats                                               24
          Welsh Terrier                               Ch/Ir Ch Kebulak Trigger Happy                                   23
          Australian Terrier                        Ch/Am Gr Ch Temora Ri Diercc                                     20
          Scottish Terrier                           Ch Stuane Kings Sword                                                 20
          Sealyham Terrier                        Ch/Am Ch Blomendal’s Born In USA at Thunder Rd     18
          Bedlington Terrier                       Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love‚Äč                                      17
          Fox Terrier, Smooth                    Ch Glendraterra Galileo                                                 17
          West Highland White Terrier       Ch Gilbri Town Tease                                                     17
          Lakeland Terrier                          Ch/Am Gr Ch Larkspur Acadia Save Me A Spot           16
          Staffordshire Bull Terrier             Ch Bellarouge Blithe Spirit                                             16
          Manchester Terrier                     Ch Digelsa De Ja Vu                                                      15
          Parson Russell Terrier                Ch Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor                     15
          Bull Terrier, Miniature                 Ch/Ir Ch Grasco’s Honky Tonky                                     13
          Airedale Terrier                           Ch/Ir Ch Bambusa Dream Model                                  12
          Dandie Dinmont Terrier              Ch Cloverwood Royal George                                       10
          Glen of Imaal Terrier                   Ch Abberann Phelan                                                     10
          Bull Terrier                                  Ch Quentinhill Rebelicious                                              9

Jenson's awarded trophies for 2014. What a Year!

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