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Known as: Alfie

Born: 4th July 2010

Owners and (Handler): Mr Michael Fallon & Mrs Alison Fallon (Mrs Alison Fallon).

email: alisonfallon1@hotmail.com

Yateley, Hampshire ENGLAND

Alfie at 13 days old!

Alfie the puppy with his favourite toy

Puppy Alfie in training for the 2012 Olympics

Reserve Best in Show, Kingston Canine Society Open Show - 25/07/2011, Breed & Terrier Group Judge: Andrew Hunt, Best in Show Judge: Colin Mackay. "Such a well balanced dog, moved easily over the ground."

Junior Warrant, 16/10/2011

Strike the pose!

SCWT club GB Yearbook advertisement 2012

Winner of Eridanus Special Beginner's Cup 2011

Joint winner of Becanti First Cup 2011

Crufts 2012. Judge: Philip Greenway. Reserve Challenge Certificate at just 20 months! 
"Top quality exuded breed type. Very good head, eye, expression, nice neck, topline, set-on, good angulation, moved soundly. Excellent coat; so very close but R.CC it was today."


National Terrier Championship Show - Judge Mr W Browne-Cole, Overall winner special beginners stakes, 07/04/2012

Dunstable & District CS Open Show, 09/04/2012 Judge: Mr J Richardson - Best in Show.

Show Certificate of Merit award, 09/04/2012

Bath Championship Show - 25/05/2012. Judge Mrs J Richards, winner of the Geoffrey Waring Special Beginners Stakes.                                                   "Really took my eye, has a great personality, lovely head with small well set ears, good dark eye, short compact body, well turned stifles, coat soft and silky, moved with drive."

Southern Counties Championship Show, winner of Reserve CC Stakes, Judge: Mr Alec MacKenzie, 02/06/2012.
 "Good outline, nice head and eye, good topline, body and movement."

Three Counties Championship Show - 10/06/2012. Judge: Tan Nagrecha,  Winner of the Special Yearling Stakes.                           
"Very good headed SCWT, really liked his substance and bone, good outline, moved precisely without exaggeration."

Blackpool Championship Show, winner of Special Beginners Stakes, Judge: Mr Frank Kane, 22/06/2012

Blackpool Championship Show, 22/06/2012, Judge: Mr John Bunting.
1st Challenge Certificate.

"Quality yearly that instantly appealed for type. Good head, eye and pigmentation, well balanced, soundly constructed, firm level topline, high set well carried tail, nicely angulated hindquarters, made a good account of himself."

Welsh Kennel Club, 18/08/2012 Judge: Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews.
2nd Challenge Certificate. "Good size and proportions. Would prefer less black in face, good head otherwise and well pigmented, sound front, excellent topline and tail set, good rear and he moved well all round, fair coat."

City of Birmingham, 01/09/2012 Judge: Mrs Pat Chadwick,      
Best of Breed.
3rd Challenge Certificate.

"Very balanced youngster of lovely size, super head, nice ear, good neck and shoulders, lovely front, firm topline, correct tail, neat hocks used well, lovely flowing movement, excellent coat."                                              

Alfie our Champion!

Jenson the Champion at 25 months!

SWKA, 13/10/2012,  Judge: Mr Frank Kane.
4th Challenge Certificate.
"Balanced, unexaggerated and full of type. Correct size, good proportions. Needs a little more body on him. Unexaggerated and holds himself well, good stride....good coat, texture and colour." 

SCWT club GB Yearbook advertisement 2013

Boston & DCS Championshipship Show, 12/01/2013, Judge: Mr Ken Francis. Best of Breed.
"Unexaggerated masculine dog with free flowing soft wheaten coat. Nice head...very good ring presence held topline on the move. Handled to get the best out of him."

Manchester Championship Show, 18/01/2013, Judge: Mr Colin Powell, Best of Breed.
Judged this one on a few occasions, just gets better as he matures. Ticks all the boxes, full of type, handled and put down in first class condition, moved effortlessly around the ring covering the ground with ease."

WELKS Championship Show, 28/04/2013, Judge: Mr Brian Chadwick, Best of Breed,
5th Certificate Challenge.

WELKS Championship Show, 28/04/2013 Terrier Group 3,
Judge: Mr Roger Thomas.

"Another quality terrier, compact, short coupled, pleased in head, eye and neck. Strength all round, deep chest, in excellent coat of the right texture and length. Moved out freely with reach and drive." 

Reserve CC, Southern Counties Championship Show, 01/06/2013, Judge: Mrs Pat Chapman.
"Excellent specimen of the breed, excellent reach of neck, good shoulders, coat is a lovely colour and texture, moved well." 

East of England Championship Show, 06/07/2013, Judge: Miss Ann Bradley, Best of Breed,
6th Challenge Certificate.

"Lovely type, correct head of moderate length, flat scull, pleasing expression, well placed ears, moderate length of neck, good lay back of shoulders, short back, level top line, good spring of rib, excellent body, very good coat, good set on, sound easy movement. CC and BOB."

Bournemouth Championship Show, 10/08/2013, Judge: Mr Max King, Best of Breed,
7th Challenge Certificate.

"Overall balance and shape, nicely made thoroughout, strong well made head, good neck and shoulders, level topline with good tail set and plenty of substance behind the tail, very good coat and colour, moved out freely and with ease."

Bournemouth Championship Show, Terrier Group 4, Group Judge: Zena Thorn-Andrews, 10/08/2013.
"Pleased to confirm my previous thoughts on this strong masculine dog, as awarded him his second CC. His black face hair is about the only thing I would change, as he certainly is very handsome and impressive both standing and moving. Ideal size, correct head and muzzle proportions, well put together and moving to match. In lovely coat, well put down."

YouTube link
: http://youtu.be/bKe5WQc_uSs

WKC Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, 17/08/2013, Judge: Mrs Kay Aspin, Best of Breed,
8th Challenge Certificate
"Quality, well balanced exhibit, head of very good make and shape, good eye and bite, very good neck onto well placed shoulder, very good topline and tail set, good depth of body, best of legs and feet, presented in very good coat and condition, moved and handled with style."

Richmond Championship Show, 07/09/2013, Judge: Mrs Carol Barnes-Davies, Best of Breed,
9th Challenge Certificate.

"Lovely overall impression, well-presented in great order. Lovey type. Good head and eye. Correct bite. Nice ear set. Good reach of neck into level topline. Tail well set. Beautiful coat. Happy and free on the move." 

YouTube link:

SCWT Open Show North - 14/09/2013 Best in Show, Judge: Mr Ben Hanney

Darlington Championship Show 13/09/2013, Judge: Mrs Ann Arch, Best of Breed.
10th Challenge Certificate. 

"Well balanced and sound construction, good on head, neck and well placed shoulder, nice body and loin, tail set and carried well, pleasing hindquarters with good muscle and hock, good jacket, gave easy and true action. CC and Best of Breed, Group short listed."

South Wales Kennel Association 13/102013, Judge: Mrs Jo Dowdy, 11th Challenge Certificate.
"I last judged this boy as a youngster two years ago and awarded him his class, I now feel that he is at his prime having matured into a worthy champion. Masculine head, dark eye and correct bite. Super length of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs, level topline with well angulated rear. On the move he displays both reach and drive. His coat has it all soft and silky, true wheaten in colour and those beautiful waves. Pleased to award him the CC."

SCWT Club of GB Championship Show 20/10/2013, Judge: Mr Stuart Plane. BOB and BIS.
12th Challenge Certificate.

"Jenson headed this really lovely class. Appeals a classic outline and clear colour, lovely neck and shoulder good eye giving a good expression, very good front and level topline, lovely bone and ring presence, carried enough coat which had been well prepared and allowed to hang in waves, moved really well at a steady pace. Awarded CC and Best in Show."

Midland Counties Championship show 2013, Terrier Group Judge: Mr Jeff Luscott, Made final cut of eight.

YouTube link:

Midland Counties Championship Show 25/10/2013, Judge: Mr Gerrard Morris. Best in Breed.
13th Challenge Certificate.

"I consider him to be one of the best Wheatens I've ever judged & I think he could win [in] any country. He ticks all the boxes for me. Make & shape, covered in the best of coats & colour, sets himself up to stand correctly at all times. Has that presence about him that says I'm great & I know it."

SCWT club GB Yearbook advertisement 2014

Dog World Annual 2014

Jenson - Top Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier 2013.

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